Distribution Systems

Automation, industrialisation and increase in lot of electrically operated domestic products has brought about heavy increase in use of electrical energy, thus creating a need for safe and effective method of distribution, by properly wiring to protect human life and property from electrical hazards such as short circuits, over load and earth leakage. Distribution boards are a perfect answer to it. Distribution boards are not only an enclosure but system comprising of copper bus bars, brass neutral links, earth links incorporated with safety devices such as MCB’s, ELCB’s and ISOLATORS provide effective and safe distribution of current from single source supply to various circuits.



1. Protection against dust, moisture, finger, & hand touch

2. Protection up to IP40 as required

3. Resistant against scratch, impact, weather and chemical

4. Easy cable entry and very spacious for wiring

5. Suitable for surface and flush mounting

6. Best quality sheet steel used for manufacturing

7. Painted by Hi tech powder coating process

8. Gasket to ensure weather proof

9. Provided with din channel, bus bar and neutral link

10. Horizontal and vertical range

11. Knockout at appropriate positions minimize sharp bends of cable while wiring making it suitable for wider      application

12. Superior finish to suit the style of your home décor

13. Special earth bar for better earthing

14. Complete range of distribution boards