Single Phase Whole Current Meter

Single Phase Whole Current & CT Operated Meters with LCD Display

Product Description


BENTEC Single-phase multi-function meter is a full electrical energy meter. It’s performances meets IS, CBIP. Report 325 and IEC standards. The meter designed to meter residential and small commercial energy consumers in distribution network. It has accurate measurement, multifunction and perfect Anti-tamper Features. It comes with suitable display with a range of communication technology options for local and remote metering. The Intelligent feature to detecting the tamper conditions and recording anomaly conditions. We provide operational manual for operation, Installation and testing the meter. The meter is very sturdy and will generally withstand the rough handling however reasonable care in handling will ensure a long trouble free service.


  • Class 1.0 accuracy compliance with IS/IEC standards
  • Optical/LPRF/IrDA/IR /RS232 communication for meter Reading
  • LED/LCD Indication for calibration and tamper Indication
  • LCD Display upto 9 digit for display measured parameters ,Legends and tamper indication
  • Programmable Integration period for maximum demand and load survey profile
  • Event logging of tamper
  • Bill point registers storage upto last 12 months
  • Programmable Time of Use and tariffs
  • High immunity to magnetic influence and electrostatic discharge.
  • RS232 port for Remote Meter Reading.
  • Meter reading in absence of mains with inbuilt battery or Rechargeable super capacitor.
1 Connection Type Single Phase Two Wire
2 Current Ratings:  Whole Current 2.5-10A, 5-20A, 5-30A, 10-40A,  10-60A
CT Operated -/5A
3 Voltage 240V Phase to Neutral, -40% to +20%
4 Frequency: 45Hz- 55Hz
5 Power Factor Zero lag to Zero Lead
6 Communication: Optical Port( Upto 9600 bps )

Infrared ( IR ) ( Upto 2400bps )

IrDA ( Upto 115.2kbps )

RS232 (Upto 9600 bps )

7 Communication Protocol Manufacturer Protocol & Common Protocol as per IS15959
8 Power Consumption: Less than 1W/ 4VA in Voltage circuit as per customer requirement.
Less than 1VA in current circuit as per customer requirement
9 Accuracy: Class 1.0, Class 0.5S
10 Starting: 0.2% of Ib at Vref & Unity Power Factor
11 Display LCD with backlight, Upto 9 digit 7 Segment display for parameters and Icons for tamper indications
12 Instantaneous Parameters Voltage,Current,Power Factor, Active Power(kW),Apparent Power(kVA) etc.
13 Energy Measurement Active, Reactive, Apparent
14 MD Measurement Active, Reactive, Apparent
15 Time of Use/ Time of Day Programmable time zones and tariffs
16 Maximum Demand (MD) Register Programmable Integration Period (15min,30min,60min); Sliding window method and block window method
17 Billing Registers Upto 12 months bill point registers
18 Load survey Upto 120 days
Voltage Current Power Factor
kWh kVArh kWh
kW kVAr kVA
19 Load Survey Integration Period Programmable Integration Period (15min,30min,60min)
20 Tamper Detection & Logging Neutral Missing ( Single Wire)

Earth Load( Current Bypass, Current Unbalance)

Magnetic Influence

Current Reversal

Neutral Disturbance

High Voltage*

Low Voltage*

Over Load*

Power On/Off Event

Top Cover Open

35KV Spark*

21 Tamper Snapshots Date & Time, Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Active, Reactive* & Apparent * Energy Parameters
22 Temperature range: -10 ~ +65 degree
23 Humidity </=95%
24 Enclosure IP51
single phase 1

Meter Reading Software’s

single phase 2
single phase 3
Meter Reading communication Cables and Modem for remote metering